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Our adapter has a few inherent compatibility constraints. We designed this to be a solution for many users who want to run a chainguide on Giant bicycles that utilize press fit bottom brackets and lack ISCG tabs. These incompatibilities are caused by the tight space we are working within while trying to provide a product with very few limitations. Unfortunately we have encountered a few. First and foremost, we have received heavy interest in double chainring setups. While we are currently testing out possible double chainring options, this adapter is optimized for a SINGLE ring setup. If double ring setups are compatible at all, it will be with limited chainguide options, and it will only work with the chainrings placed on the outer tab(s). We can confirm that this guide is incompatible with any crankset utilizing a chainring on the "granny gear" tabs (triple chainring). Limited clearances with the existing linkage design prevent us from engineering an adapter that will move far enough inboard to clear a "granny gear" and associated hardware.

Other possible hiccups are as follows: Depending on the varying thickness of the paint/finish on any given frame, this adapter may leave impressions in your paint (purely cosmetic) while installing, and may require that the user opens the adapter plate up with a wedge or a flat blade screwdriver in order to get it over the BB shell. On raw, anodized, or frames with thinner paint this is hardly necessary, and on bikes with heavier paint it is, but this is intentional. We designed this adapter to have an "interference fit" so it naturally has the highest amount of evenly distributed clamping force.

Also, in one rare case we have heard of an isolated issue where a rider was using a plastic shelled SRAM BB and when torqued, the adapter compressed the BB and shell just enough to load the bearings. This is not an issue with BB's that use alloy shells/retaining sleeves. We strongly recommend that riders use a press fit BB with an ALLOY shell/retaining sleeve on their bicycle(s) whether they use our product or not.

Lastly, our adapter is incompatible with e.13 TRS+ guides due to the TRS+ having a much thicker boomerang than other guides on the market. Our adapter is confirmed to work with e.13 LG1 and SRS, as well as all MRP G2 style guides. We are fervently trying to come up with a solid fitment and application chart that will be posted on our site shortly. Thank you for your patience; if you have any compatibility questions or concerns, please email Ian ( ) or Erik ( before purchasing. This is meant to provide a solution to many users, but we aren't trying to be deceptive, and this is not a be all end all fix. Thanks for the interest!




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