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1) When you install the adapter, the pinch bolt will end up underneath your BB shell. The flat portion with the flange will sit against your chain guide. You will want to verify that it is rotated so the boss for the lower-rear mounting screw clears your lower swingarm pivot.

2) We have a pretty tight tolerance, so to keep from scratching your paint you can loosen the pinch bolt slightly and place a flat-tipped screwdriver in the slot, then twist slightly to open up and easily slip over the BB shell.


3) Push the adapter onto the BB shell as far as it will go, then back it off 1mm or so to keep from touching the linkage or swingarm bearing cap. Rotate the adapter until the lower part just misses the lower swingarm pivot when the suspension is in its fully-extended position. Tighten the adapter pinch bolt 5NM.

4) Be sure to use the short (8mm) flat head screw that came with your adapter in the upper hole when installing. This is the thinnest portion, and even the shortest screws that came with your chain guide are likely to protrude through too far and hit your linkage arm causing damage. Complete install of your chain guide using manufacturer recommended specs.

5) Install your cranks normally. When installed correctly, your new Clutch ISCG 05 Chain Guide Adapter is still accessible for fine-tuning rotation adjustments without removale of any components by just loosening the pinch bolt to put it where you need.

6) Go Thrash!

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